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Current Projects

Our Mission and Vision

“Build a sustainable self-storage development and acquisition company creating superb risk-adjusted financial returns”
James Lockhart – Lockhart Management Group, LLC – Principal

We adhere to strict market underwriting with multiple levels of due diligence. Our selection process involves inputs from all of our development team including including General Contractor, our co-developer, architects, legal, accounting, recognized third-party self storage management, engineering and self storage brokerage and consulting services.


Experienced and focused leadership at every stage of development.

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About Us


Focused strategy with superior results.

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Current Projects

Lockhart Management Group and its affiliates, as either advisor, general partner and or Princiapal oversee over 1,800,000 square feet of self storage assets.

View Our Current Projects

Current Projects

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Our Strategy

While building self storage is no secret, we believe that execution is a derivative of relationships. All of our properties have been referred to us through our network. We have been blessed with quality referrals who understand what we do and how we do it. With these relationships we have been able to develop/co-develop and or advise on 23 properties to date.

In order for us to build a new facility, the referrals we receive have to meet a rigorous review before we commit. There are also many value add opportunities on land plays that come with certain properties we develop.

We are also heavily involved in technology. While building quality Class A properties is our focus, our sustainability and execution comes from utilizing technology to develop, occupy and eventually sell our quality facilities. Technology is also key to the site selection process which includes ongoing point and click market capture, brand awareness and customer satisfaction. Additionally, we utilize advanced in house development technology which allows us to take on more projects without giving up efficiency, quality and execution.

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